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BOTOX Cosmetic: Cost, Value, and Who To Go To


“Botox” is currently being offered practically on every corner. There are chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, and other non-physicians that are offering Botox. Just as many non-trained physicians are out there peddling “Botox” as well. Is it the real BOTOX Cosmetic? How do you know if they are appropriately trained to do this to your face? There are several things that you need to consider prior to making a decision on where you go. You want to find out the most reasonable price, but you also want the most qualified physician. Some physicians dilute their Botox more than others, which will result in a less than desirable outcome. A reputable practice is of the utmost importance, and most charge by the unit rather than the area.

The charge for BOTOX Cosmetic treatments may vary by the practice. The most important consideration, though, is to be seen by an experienced provider who spends the time finding out what your goals are and doing an examination. There is so much more to getting a successful outcome than the injection itself. To have an optimal correction of the glabella area (11’s between the brows), for instance, many patients may take only 20 units and others up to 30. The number of units to achieve optimal correction varies by the strength and volume of the muscle present.  The way physicians purchase and pay for Botox is by the unit, either in 50 or 100 unit vials. The product cost is a significant portion of the typical charge for the treatment.

In our office, we are conservative with first-time BOTOX patients to try to get an optimum correction without using more product than necessary. We start out with a smaller # of units, then encourage new patients to come back a week or two after their first treatment to assess the result and, if necessary, fine tune it with a little more BOTOX.  This way, we creep up to their perfect muscle balance and most natural result, instead of simply putting in too much so nothing moves at all. Many of the positive aesthetic outcomes occurs when we can find the best balance between muscles that lift the brow and those that pull the brow down. Each patient is unique, and finding the right amount of Botox required for each person is imperative to achieving the best results.

In general, prices may range from $10 per unit to $30 per unit. The price varies based upon the area in which you live and the type of physician who is injecting it. In general, plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, or dermatologists will charge more than other physicians. This is because their residency training provides expertise in this area of medicine.

Believe it or not, BOTOX placement is an art. Plastic surgeons well versed in facial muscle anatomy can offer sophisticated injection techniques that not only minimize lines and wrinkles in the commonly requested forehead, crow’s feet and between the brow areas, but also provide pleasing, balanced contours to address facial asymmetry, such as uneven eyebrow heights, and uneven eye openings(aperture), depressed mouth corners, prominent neck bands, prominent vertical lip lines, raise the dynamic nasal tip, and soften horizontal upper lip lines. I actually use fewer units per area than many others in the Tri-State, and I may not be the cheapest per unit.  However, in the end, my treatments may actually come out cheaper overall…. because I use less material and charge by the unit, not by the “area.” Therefore, our use of BOTOX Cosmetic is a better value.

I always have patients coming in saying that they got Botox for $8 or $9/unit somewhere. Then their total price somehow ends up being more than it would have been at my cost AND they did not see any results.

This is because:

1. Many un-qualified practitioners dilute it beyond what it should be.

2. There are vendors selling illegal “Botox” for half of cost (We get these Fax’s sent to us all the time!). This is NOT BOTOX Cosmetic.

3.  Their lack of proper training does not allow them to charge what the usual market rate.


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We welcome you to a very special practice in plastic surgery, age management medicine, and the Medispa experience. We hope you will find something here in our Blogs that will spark your curiosity, if not inspire you!

We welcome you to a very special practice in plastic surgery, age management medicine, and the Medispa experience. We hope you will find something here in our Blogs that will spark your curiosity, if not inspire you!